Chapter 6 Questions

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Chapter 6 Questions

Post by looneyslitblog on Sat Jul 04, 2015 5:12 pm

Feel free to choose 1 or all of these questions to discuss. Some will have meaning for you and some may not. If you'd like to take one question into it's own discussion- pop back over to the site and sign up under the forum so I can add you as a moderator. Most importantly only do what brings you joy and is going to grow you as a learner.

1. If there is no right or wrong answer how do we measure growth?
2. What is our role as the teacher?
3. How do you establish "norms" for classroom discussion?
4. How do you use the space and physical resources in your classroom to support an inquiry culture?
5. How can we, as interventionist and special education teachers utilize the time both inside and outside the class to support an inquisitive culture in our classrooms?
6. Do you use the textbook as your curriculum? How can we move away from using the textbook as the curriculum?
7. What is your assessment plan? How do you execute this plan? How does this plan fit into inquisitive classroom goals?

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